Wisdom begins in Wonder. Ridley Orchard nurtures children’s sense of discovery through open-ended learning as children’s natural curiosity inspires their sense of experiment and active participation. Our motto “Be a Part of the Discovery” guides our collaborative approach between the child, family, and school to create the best environment for your child’s development and education.


We believe in Montessori and Reggio inspired enriched early learning experiences to support children’s optimal potential in their developmental levels and learning styles and nurture their responsible participation and success in a global society. 


Child-initiated and educator supported play and learn opportunities develop children’s social and emotional, language, cognitive, creative, and physical growth. An enriched progressive curriculum challenges and empowers children’s need for hands-on active experiences with real objects and events. Learning takes place as young children touch and experiment with objects and activities and interact with people. Children’s activities focus on the process of learning; therefore, the emphasis is on the experiences of the children rather than the results or products of those experiences.