Our Educators are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Certified Early Childhood Educators prepare individual education plans that embrace scaffolding, project approach, research, investigation, and reflection. By combining small class sizes with inquiry-based and multi-sensory learning, we support children in developing their critical thinking, innovating, and problem-solving skills.


Our educators are dedicated education professionals proficient in implementing an enriched progressive curriculum in a child-centred, natural environment. Educators have specialized Early Childhood Education degrees, have many years experience and subsequent degrees in child development and education. Educators complete ongoing professional development conferences and workshops to stay current and participate in team meetings with the director to discuss, plan, evaluate and expand program plans.


In addition, highly trained speciality staff bring their skills and expertise to Ridley Orchard School on a weekly bases, to provide the children with a complete school experience. Speciality staff implement our distinct programs along with our educators.